By Richard Draycott, Associate Editor

April 30, 2024 | 2 min read

A hard-hitting and emotionally charged documentary-style ad has been released to press home the importance of Europeans voting in the forthcoming European Elections in June.

‘A message to my grandchild’ was created by Copenhagen-based creative agency &Co and aims to emphasize the importance of using your vote and the consequences of not making your voice heard at election time.

The ad comes after less than half of the electorate turned out in the 2019 European Elections.

The beautifully shot and unscripted ad highlights the bond between generations and nations and presents an emotional portrait of democracy and the importance of voting. The use of new footage mixed with old film footage of some of the hardships countries across Europe have faced really press home the film’s messages.

The documentary features grandparents and grandchildren from across Europe and captures authentic and unscripted moments between the different generations. Older citizens share their life stories, some living with democracy and others without, enabling them to extend their important message to their grandchildren and, in turn, to the rest of Europe.

Johan Køhler, partner & creative director at &Co, said of the campaign: “In the emotional connection between the European elders, who have most elections behind them, and their grandchildren, the campaign creates a bond between the past and the future and hopefully shows that democracy is a responsibility we have towards each other.

“First, it was about remembering our past because so many parallels can be drawn to today’s challenges. But instead of just looking backward in the making, the focus shifted into looking forward and passing on democracy to the coming generations.”

The campaign is now live, running across TV, cinema, radio, social media, digital mass media and streaming platforms.

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