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How mobile data drives omnichannel success

By Kevin McGurn, vice-president of sales, marketing, and distribution

March 13, 2024 | 6 min read

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Kevin McGurn, vice-president of sales, marketing, and distribution at T-Mobile Advertising Solutions, explores how the power of first-party mobile data continues to prove highly successful in campaigns for leading brands.

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How to unlock omnichannel success through the power of mobile data

Connectivity matters more than ever. Today’s marketers must be able to identify their audiences based on a greater understanding of the buyer's journey across all channels. And that understanding increasingly needs to start with mobile data.

The cornerstone of a seamless, personalized user experience

Launching omnichannel campaigns with a strategic emphasis on mobile data is the only sure way to position a brand for success in today’s interconnected digital landscape. Mobile devices have become ubiquitous, serving as constant companions in consumers’ daily lives. Harnessing mobile data as the foundation of an omnichannel strategy ensures a frictionless, more individualized user experience across various touchpoints.

At T-Mobile Advertising Solutions (T-Ads), we’re leveraging our exclusive first-party mobility data with third-party behavioral, environmental, and contextual data sets to reveal a more holistic view of consumer interests and intent, all with a privacy-first lens. This view enables marketers to reach consumers at the right time, in the right place, with mobile data-informed advertising experiences - not only on their mobile devices but also in connected TV (CTV) and digital-out-of-home (DOOH) environments. At the same time, the mobile foundation of these campaigns enables de-duplicated reach and frequency across digital, CTV, and linear, helping marketers decrease campaign waste and increase return on investment.

Let’s look at three success stories where advertisers laid their foundation for omnichannel success with mobile data.

Driving consideration with advanced video and custom first party audiences

With its new smartphones launching in the lead-up to Q4 2023, a leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partnered with T-Ads to drive consideration with customers during the busy holiday season. The media plan activated T-Ads’ advanced video offering, delivering premium cross-screen video, with a focus on CTV and DOOH. In addition to first-party audience data, T-Ads supported creative production across numerous media assets.

Ultimately, the campaign dramatically exceeded its goals, delivering:

  • A 93% video completion rate (VCR)

  • More than 334 million total impressions

  • A near-even split across advanced video and DOOH video channels

  • 150 million verified impressions across the US in key designated market areas (DMAs) via T-Mobile’s unique rideshare offering

  • A full-funnel lift of +14% unaided brand awareness, +5.9% brand consideration, and +4.7% purchase intent

By tapping into T-Mobile’s custom first-party audiences to reach users on CTV and a mix of online video, the brand was able to find its customers across all screens. The brand targeted key audience parameters around LatinX, iOS switchers, holiday tech shoppers, travel enthusiasts, and more. Based on performance, the advertiser decided to heavy up on iOS and LatinX audiences throughout the campaign, demonstrating the nimbleness and optimization opportunities inherent in this approach.

Leveraging conversion data and retargeting to reduce waste and boost ROI

A popular subscription video on demand (SVOD) streaming service tapped into T-Ads’ app engagement audiences to jumpstart a campaign on the Magenta Advertising Platform. The campaign’s performance goals were set against cost per subscription (CPS) and cost per site visit (CPSV) metrics, and the team was able to use app ownership attributes to target audiences who would most likely be in the consideration funnel for the SVOD service.

Pairing these audience attributes with a tracking pixel on the client’s landing page allowed the team to leverage conversion data and retarget landing page visitors. This drove significant efficiency on CPS while widening the prospect pool. Ultimately, the campaign:

  • Beat its goal by 87%

  • Achieved a $1.37 CPSV

  • Leveraged 16 unique addressable audiences targeting different attributes based on T-Mobile mobility data

  • Delivered 66 million total impressions across online video and display

Driving adoption with precision data targeting

A leading oil and gas company wanted to drive adoption of its customer loyalty app. Using a smart combination of T-Mobile mobility data with T-Ads' native app install product, the company was able to drive media efficiency and deliver strong cost per install (CPI) performance.

With the native app install product, the company reached users when they first set up their new device from T-Mobile. The campaign also activated App Insights, T-Ads’ proprietary analytics suite, around user engagement to inform retargeting and track registrations. Ultimately, the company saw:

  • A 63% decrease in CPI - from a target of $7 to $2.65
  • 202,000 total app installs with 27,000 new attributed monthly installs across T-Mobile devices
  • A 130% improvement in install-to-impression ratio

Understanding user behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns using mobile data is instrumental in crafting targeted and relevant messaging. Moreover, integrating mobile data into an omnichannel marketing strategy enables businesses to enhance customer engagement and build cohesive and consistent brand experiences.

In 2024, marketers understand that the media landscape is omnichannel -and omnichannel success starts with mobile data. It’s the data magic that fuels a better human experience.

Media Measurement Brand Strategy Mobile

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