By Audrey Kemp, LA Reporter

March 21, 2024 | 3 min read

TL;DR: Reddit is now a publicly traded company.

Redditors and keyboard warriors: get ready to craft the perfect reply to this news.

Today, Reddit, the internet’s favorite rabbit hole of memes, cat videos and niche subreddits, has officially IPO’d under the ticker symbol (NYSE:RDDT) — and the company is celebrating in style. Instead of a stuffy corporate announcement, Reddit decided to release a ’day-in-the-life’ style video starring its adorable alien mascot, Snoo, in a whimsical campaign that’s pure internet gold.

The film opens with Snoo getting ready to conquer IPO day. But before they do so, they visit Reddit’s bustling New York office, replete with real-life Reddit employees.

There, one Reddit employee sporting an inky ’YTA’ on his forehead (Reddit speak for “you’re the asshole”), offers his unfiltered thoughts on Snoo: “Snoo is... eccentric? Most great leaders are.” It’s a testament to the love-hate relationship many employees have with their fearless leader.

In another scene, Snoo attempts the impossible task of printing out every username on Reddit to thank them personally for allowing the company to go public. As one employee points out, “That’s impossible.”

Snoo is then seen making their way to the New York Stock Exchange, where they ring the bell and signal the opening of the day’s trading.

“This video plays on the popular ‘day-in-the-life’ influencer trend and puts Reddit’s own unique spin on it,” Roxy Young, Reddit’s chief marketing and consumer experience officer, in a statement shared with The Drum.

“Our Snoo mascot is genderless and voiceless, but through the eyes of real Reddit employees, we see Snoo’s personality – quirks and all – come to life in the lead-up to this exciting moment at the New York Stock Exchange. Snoo is eccentric and one-of-a-kind but is right at home at Reddit because there is a home for everyone on Reddit.”

The campaign was co-created by Reddit’s in-house creative team, OrangeRed, and its social media team. According to Reddit’s officials, the creative seeks to place community at the center of all of its marketing efforts, with Snoo representing both the platform’s entire user base and workforce. It’s full of Reddit-y easter eggs, like the infamous ’S-thing.’

The film started running today on Reddit’s owned social channels, following the IPO announcement.


Agency: OrangeRed (owned by Reddit)

Tavish MacLellan, head of brand creative

David Benham, design director

Bev Galipeau, art director

Chris Potts, copywriter

Zeyu Ren, videographer, editor

Alexa Land, visual development

Andon Espeseth, senior lead, creative production

Thom Fusco, senior social media associate

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