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Top 11 evolving trends for TV advertising in 2023

By Margo Waldrop, Content Writer

May 18, 2023 | 9 min read

As part of our US Advertising and Agency report, we compiled a list of the most talked about evolving trends in TV advertising for 2023. Find out how your brand can stay on top of the TV advertising progression.

Top 11 evolving trends for TV advertising in 2023

Top 11 evolving trends for TV advertising in 2023 / Adobe Stock

Television advertising has long been a marketing staple for companies looking to make an impact. As of 2021, US TV ad spend topped $66bn, demonstrating a quick bounce back from pandemic drops. Now, with the proliferation of streaming TV, the choices of where to advertise are endless. Marketers not only have to choose which service to advertise with but also adapt their strategy to the evolution of TV itself. And while global ad spend is expected to dip in 2023, the advent of new technology is ensuring that television is still the way to go when it comes to advertising your brand.

1. Programmatic ads

Programmatic refers to the process of buying and selling ads, it’s how ads are purchased. Its use of automation differentiates it from traditional media buying in that it analyzes user signals using technology and algorithmic tools. Its ability to dynamically place ads in front of specific viewers at specific times allows brands to immediately target their audience while also receiving real-time performance data.

2. Product innovation

With more consumers utilizing smart TVs over streaming devices, smart TVs remain at the forefront of product innovation for advertising. Better video technologies, faster app access and integration of social media channels continue to evolve. Even branded TVs, such as Roku’s manufacturing of its own line of televisions, will be leading the charge for product innovation.

3. CTV (connected TV)

CTV continues to make a major impact on advertising. Brands are able to reach their audiences through a multitude of devices and streaming channels. CTV platforms are giving brands more opportunities to engage with new viewers and consistently growing audiences through multi-pay options. Lower-priced, ad-supported tiers are giving brands even more chances to promote themselves.

4. Sports streaming partnerships

After Amazon Prime’s successful partnership with the NFL (National Football League), it’s anticipated that other streaming services will follow suit and partner with sports leagues. Tubi streamed the World Cup final to 3 million viewers in the United States alone. Live sporting events allow streaming services to bring in more viewers in a reciprocal relationship with leagues and these partnerships are expected to grow as more streaming channels jump in the mix.

5. Omnichannel TV marketing

Omnichannel marketing continues to expand as new opportunities arise for marketers. Improved tracking and accumulation of data allow advertisers to map customer personas and formulate the customer journey across different devices and channels. This leads to focused ads that better serve the customers and reduced extraneous ad spend.

6. New audience targeting protocols

Targeting your audience has never been easier with data-driven segmenting based on consumer behavior, history, interest, demographics and location. This allows advertisers a chance to optimize their cross-channel ad frequency, as well as restrategize their digital budgets. Advancing technology is changing the way tools and algorithms analyze viewer data, giving brands wider windows of consumer targeting.

7. Interactive advertising

Interactive ads strengthen the bonds between consumer and brand through on-the-spot engagement. Dynamic and shoppable ads add their purchasing power to the streaming experience, with Hulu and Peacock already jumping on board. Advertisers are given the ability to enhance their ads with interactive features to engage and entice audiences. Higher resolution capabilities such as 4K and 8K will also increase advertisers’ creative abilities.

8. Virtual product placement

This emerging technology allows advertisers to place a digitally rendered logo or product into a TV series or movie that has already been filmed. The tactic helps reduce time spent negotiating and planning pre-filmed content and lets advertisers better match the product to the content.

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9. Integration of live video

Linear streaming continues to grow as more artists and sporting leagues create relationships with platforms to expand viewership. Sporting events are already streaming live, with partnerships between the NFL, MLB and NBA and services such as Amazon Prime and ESPN+. Live musical concerts are also becoming more mainstream for viewers, as is live reporting concerning worldwide events.

10. Expansion of streaming opportunities

Streaming has gone global as more channels are expanding their services into international waters. Scripted and non-scripted programs are reaching far and wide across the globe as streaming giants adjust their programs to local languages and payment options. This gives advertisers a wider range of viewers as well as a chance to expand their product lines into more local iterations.

11. Short-form content in TV advertising

With shorter form content part of the streaming process, advertisers are seeing these chances as golden opportunities to connect with audiences. And with many users interacting with social media on their smart TVs, this shorter content allows for capsule ads of only a few seconds that direct simple, memorable ads to target viewers. Other short-form content suitable for shorter ads includes news, sports highlights and movie trailers.

Wrapping up

TV advertising has an innate ability to reach massive audiences of all demographics. With streaming opportunities growing at such a rapid pace, brands have unlimited potential when it comes to connecting with their target customers. It’s a chance to engage customers on their schedule and chosen venue. It’s A+ advertising. As technology continues to evolve trends will also grow and change. It is these opportunities that advertisers must take as they too grow with the times.

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Future of TV Television Advertising Brand Strategy

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