The average person has more access to information at this moment in time than any other in human history.  Social media has flattened hierarchies and flooded our lives with knowledge.  Yet, this saturation brings with it a crippling paradox of choice.   How do you get your message heard over the continuous drone of chatter? In a virtual environment where information is plentiful why does the social network deem one idea important while ignoring another?  As a tactical media specialist I approach the architecture of the Internet with a strategic mindset.

I build the online presence for individuals and non-governmental organizations, advocate for attention of important issues to the front pages of the mainstream media, and advise government agencies on how to best disseminate public information electronically.



I’ve developed websites, blogs, and social media strategies for the Federal Government, Non-Profits, and Academics.



Media is useless if it is not a catalyst for action.  My blog posts have taken on tough human rights issues and brought the voices of the developing world to the attention of the US’s foremost cultural critics.



Ever wonder why you can’t get a certain song out of your head or why marketers want their advertising to go viral?  I investigate the potential and power behind memes, the ideas, behaviors, and styles that spread within a culture.